Two Years Ago……

First of all (this is cliche I know for blogs) but let me apologize for not sticking to a healthy update regimen for this blog, but as I stated from the beginning that there really a timetable set for this………..this………semi-hobby.

Before I begin the setting consist of some of the CloudCity Crew pumping a few jams from Salsa to brotha Talib.  A few beers are being spread throughout the house and I have a bootleg copy of National Treasure playing in front of me that I’m paying no attention to whatsoever.

To get immediately into it I found my turtle, Raph, in a limp state and right away I knew it was a simple indication that he passed away over the night besides the cold sunken in, pale colored eyes.  It was my fault, but obviously not intentional.  I installed a new air conditioner for the living room and mind you I never had one for quite for some years since I got a pretty good breeze to come through living on the sixth floor of my co-op.  I didn’t have the AC for a week and not even realizing that it was located in the same space that Raph was located in.  I attempted to resuscitate it by having it lay in the heat lamp for a few hours and misting it every ten to fifteen minutes, but to no progress whatsoever.  I’m pretty bumbed and down about it, but…………..shit happens I guess.  We all learn lessons one way or another.

It was two years ago this month and if I can remember correctly it was exactly the 12th of August ’07.  Raph was a Stinkpot turtle that was already at a mature size so I figured he already progressed through his infant stages.  Poor guy I found him walking the streets of Elizabeth, NJ, literally, on the the sidewalk making a b line to somewhere.  I’m looking around with a puzzled look to see if someone might have happened to drop him or lost him or something!  Sure enough there was not a soul in sight to even attempt to ask if they lost a turtle so I decided to take him in and began my care for the little guy.  I went through my research since I never owned a turtle before and didn’t know the first thing to do, but sure enough I bought the tank, food, and all the other necessities of  caring for Raph.  I’m not teary eyed or anything about this, but I had some pride in actually coming through and keeping him stable for this long.  It was a pleasure and a honor Raphael C.  – take care and godspeed in the afterlife………..if there is one for you!

Be good Raph C. (2007-2009)

Be good Raph C. (2007-2009)

Raph 2Raph 3


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