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James Pants is F-R-E-S-H (yo thats fresh)

James Pants

Late nights with the crew at the pub, heading back home at 3am with an empty wallet, empty bed, and to only find yourself watching Adult Swim; the madness that ensues with Space Ghost and Master Shake screaming various obscenities  is an excellent concoction for the pre-hangover you’ll experience within the next twelve hours.  During such an evening I was able to retain a few brain cells to store what only lasted for ten seconds and that was a random bump featuring the sounds of James Pants.

Image via Stones Throw Records

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The Mcfly 2015

So it appears Nike is in the works for what I think will turn out to be a five-year project that I will like to dub “Project Fly”.  Picking up this scoop from one of my daily readings, GIZMODO, I couldn’t help but to share this with the rest you good folks.

10 Album: Pepper Tree Ln in Quorn, SA (Aged)

Just a little something I felt I should put up.  Not just for the fact I haven’t posted anything up here for ages, but just to throw something up here I reckon I would want as a “keep sake” for the blog.

I must mention that I’ve been quite busy with my new found position at which has kept me away from the “madness”, but thats what my life is about.  Cherishing what I have at the moment, but continuing to progress and move on to greater heights………and in some cases lows.

I reckon that is all I have on my mind for now, but look out for some more great shots as I travel to New South Wales – later.

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