The Mcfly 2015

So it appears Nike is in the works for what I think will turn out to be a five-year project that I will like to dub “Project Fly”.  Picking up this scoop from one of my daily readings, GIZMODO, I couldn’t help but to share this with the rest you good folks.

image via GIZMODO

No real details have been leaked just yet, but Nike has patented the technology to develop this childhood favorite of mine.  I can just imagine utilizing an iPhone/iPod app to lace via Bluetooth.  I’m not worried so much about how power will be supplied to these future blacktop legends due to the fact in this day and age “we have the technology”.   Just my own speculation, but I reckon we will not witness this bit of sneaker advancement until 2015; it is the year when Marty first laced these bad boys up in the alleyway next to Doc and his passed out girlfriend.

Speaking of timelines I thought that the damn hover board was due to come out between 2000 and 2010, but I suppose that was just wishful thinking.  In the meantime enjoy the clip below of what we have to work with until “Project Fly” comes to fruition.



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