James Pants is F-R-E-S-H (yo thats fresh)

James Pants

Late nights with the crew at the pub, heading back home at 3am with an empty wallet, empty bed, and to only find yourself watching Adult Swim; the madness that ensues with Space Ghost and Master Shake screaming various obscenities  is an excellent concoction for the pre-hangover you’ll experience within the next twelve hours.  During such an evening I was able to retain a few brain cells to store what only lasted for ten seconds and that was a random bump featuring the sounds of James Pants.

Image via Stones Throw Records

The bump is not significant as the music that played between my view of Aqua Teen Hunger Force was, Theme From Paris – Welcome, James Pants.  Signed with Stones Throw Records James has been described to have that “fresh beat” sound which I reckon is not at all far from the truth due to the fact I was ready to hit the town once again to try my luck on the dance floor with my new theme music; although the early morning sounds of birds chirping and my alarm clock brought me back to reality with the quickness.  Doing some light research on last.fm and on Stones Throw Records James Pants delivers with a mixture of hip-hop, punk, disco, and what I like to call vintage ’80s.  For all you audiophiles into discovering a good sound and willing to experiment with new music to add to your collection I highly encourage you to take a good listen to James Pants.

Enjoy the sounds of Theme From Paris as a sampler:


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