So what is it all about you ask; I really haven’t a clue to be honest with you.  I started this blog prior to my departure to Australia towards the end of the Summer ’09.  I was hoping to devise a hub where I can have all those I know and love back in New Jersey to keep track of my “adventures” and various findings that I would across while residing in the land of Oz: Sydney Harbor, Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, Perth, and the famous Penguins of Phillip Island.  None of the previous mentioned I’ve shared nor experienced, but I have a pretty interesting story to share as to why I didn’t venture into the typical tourist sightings.  Let’s just say it’s a boy meets girl story that turns south – need I say more (for now anyways)?

PorchMadness has turned into my own little corner of the blogosphere where I share anything and everything I feel should be exposed and if I find myself feeling “sensitive” I may delve into my own personal life.  For the most part I would like to turn this into an informative site and welcome anyone that may need that quick five-minute break while working in an Office Space ,9-5, cubical position or the slacker in bed deciding whether or not to head to Tuesday morning’s psych. lecture with a German professor whose accent is the only known cause for insanity.

If you’ve made it this far I commend you for taking an interest and welcome you to PorchMadness.

– Eddie

(no method)

That pretty much sums up how the structure of this blog will go and that there is no real method to the madness.  I make no promises for timely updates, posts, scheduled events, and anything else that relates to a routine.  It’s somewhat like running your own business, but you cater to no one, hence you run things how you like.  I’ve gone months without anything new and I’m perfectly content with that.  I do not turn any request or feedback if it’s presented, but until I find myself in the presence of something close to an audience I may consider applying some sort of foundation to work with to please the masses.

Once again, there is no method to the madness.


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