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An Everyman’s Sport

I have a nostalgic personality, so I’m always reminiscing.  For past couple of months, I’ve been getting my friends together to play kickball.  Sundays are the best days for this.  I chose kickball because it was always a sport that allowed everyone to have a fair shot at being great.


Right before game 1

Be it that your legs are the strongest muscle one can develop, everyone could get a decent kick in.  There were also people’s abilities and whatnot.  The big kids couldn’t run fast but they had more powerful kicks.  The fast kids made up for their moderate kick strength with blazing speed through the bases.  Girls and guys were pretty even but the guys always had an edge with the catching of the pop ups.  You know it’s true.  Then there’s the feelings you get while playing.  The anxiety before you kick, getting under the ball to make that inning ending catch.  I’ve brought those feelings back.  I guess you can call me a kid at heart.  In a world where everyone is so “grown up” people forget how to have fun, be carefree and such. They get so wrapped up in “adult life”  I simply provide them an outlet to be themselves.  An outlet where nothing matters but the game at hand. That’s why your fondest memories of the game are when you were in elementary school. That time where life was simple.

The Line Up

Choosing the kicking order

I’ll continue to do this as long as i can and as long as people come.


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