Welcome Me Home Storm 3

I came to Australia in October of 2009 and the one thing I would miss terribly about home would be my daily usage of my partner in crime, the BlackBerry 8703e (Verizon Wireless).  At the time of purchase in 2005 I didn’t realize that I would be traveling overseas within five years time and therefore considering a phone that had globetrotting features were not within my realm of thought.  2009 came along and I was considering the purchase of a new smartphone, but I said to hell with it; reap the technological advances that the good ol’ US of A would make when I return someday.  Well that someday has come and I am in need of a smartphone ASAP!

BlackBerry 8703e

For the past few months I’ve read various articles from CNet, GIZMODO, Engadget, and heading back to CNet some more to re-review Bonnie Cha’s smartphone videos.

Off the topic for a second, but am I the only one that notices the occasional bandage on one of Bonnie’s fingers every now and then?  Can anyone say workers’ comp?

Aside from mobile phone injuries I feel like much of the tech world is bombarded constantly with Android and iPhone (4 to be specific) news, tips, and the same old specification “face offs”.  I’ve grown disgusted with numbers containing decimals such as 2.1, 4.1, and 4.2.  Bad enough I can hardly get a signal with my mobile broadband, but it’s worse that when I go to my daily tech readings I’m wasting my pre-paid data on the same crap that I saw two or even seven days ago.  At one point I felt as if I had given up and grew tired which led me to actually consider purchasing one of the two big names previously mentioned (I began to lean towards an Android device), but at my weakest point for my search of a new phone the BlackBerry gods sent me a sign of hope.

BlackBerry Storm 3 (yes, no, maybe so)

Behold, the image above displays nothing more than a resemblance of a new BB device.  Yeah, the BB logo and name “BlackBerry” on the top of the device tends to give the impression of the obvious.  While sifting through the typical droid and iOS crap I found this treasure of news on GIZMODO today that supposedly gives a glimpse of what may be the next edition to the BB Storm family.  The current specs that were described were not much to chew on, but you can’t help to think what does BB have up their sleeve with the implementation of optical trackpad navigation?  This clearly appears to be a touch device so why the navigation device?  Aside it appearing to be a fingerprint magnet I like what I see and through other sources that Google can turn up it’s said that such a device should be on the market in a month ending in -ember of 2010.

These are all rumors and even solid images as this one can be proven wrong once the final product is released.  I take it all in stride and so should you, but I’ve just brushed off the iPhone and Android voices running through my head and reckon I will get back on my BlackBerry vibe that I left back in New Jersey a year ago next month.

[BerryReview via BGR via GIZMODO]


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